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30 años al servicio de la comunidad inmigrante en Nueva York

At Latin Women In Action, we acknowledge that divorces can be extremely stressful and detrimental to all people involved. We empathize and strive to help achieve successful divorces that you need. We work to offer services that our communities need with the resources we can provide.

  • For all cases involving children and assets, inquire for more information
  • For cases with no children and no assets, please read below: 

We offer a divorce special of $250 + any court fees involved. Both people involved must be in agreement with no children and no assets. Both parties must come to sign at the same time, same day. A consultation is necessary to complete the divorce and a copy of the Marriage Certificate must be provided at the consultation

In summary, for a successful divorce with no children, no assets, we ask for: 

  • $250 divorce special + court fees 
  • Both parties to be in agreement
  • Consultation fee of $20 
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate 

For a more accurate cost, we recommend calling our office or coming in for a consultation.