Latin Women in Action works with local schools to provide educative workshops on child abuse, domestic violence, and mental health. We advocate for equitable and equal access to NYC's immigrant youth. We have worked with local schools such as P.S. 19, P.S. 330, P.S. 100, I.S. 61, Newtown High School, Newcomers High School, Pan American International High School, and more. 

Latin Women in Action has a history of hosting yearly back-to-school fairs in the local Corona community that provided free school supplies to those in need. We believe education is the key to securing a stable future for disadvantaged communities and immigrant youth. We empower communities, families, children, and future scholars. 

We are a member of the New York Immigration Coalition Education Collaborative and Hispanic Federation.

We provide affordable ESL (English as a second language) classesto our local community. Anyone from any background can call for a sign up and show up during any class. Our ESL Classes are held on Thursdays from 8 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 8 pm. Our staff is passionate about increasing accessibility to immigrants by promoting greater English literacy learning. Please call our office to sign up and/or inquire. 

 ✿ We support parents who want the best for their children. If you feel like you or your child are being mistreated, please call or come in to our office. We are prepared to fight for you and advocate for your or your child's rights to education. 

Nonprofit Organization 

30 años al servicio de la comunidad inmigrante en Nueva York