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In the last 28 years, LWA has helped thousands of women/men become aware of their responsibilities in learning their civic duties as they submerge themselves into this society. LWA offers services in immigration, education, domestic violence prevention, child abuse prevention, counseling and support,  as well as referrals on other services such as mental health and aftermath counseling.

The organization has assisted approximately 25,000 women and their families with immigration services, including helping legal residents to become citizens of the USA and helped them to register to vote.  It has assisted hundreds of schools by providing workshops on issues such as parenting, parental involvement, child abuse prevention, bullying, domestic violence, immigration and other types of abuse an individual may come across in their life. In LWA, we also advocate immigrant families as well as being aware of their rights in case an officer of the law attempts to deny their rights.

​Latin Women in Action, Inc. (also referred to as "LWA") is a comprehensive community based social service agency. Its mission and goals are to provide essential services to not only Latinas, but any family or individual seeking our help in New York City. LWA was founded in 1990 by Haydee Zambrana and other community women who saw a need to serve Hispanic women and families in the borough of Queens. Affirming the changing role of Latinas as we become an increasingly powerful political and economic force is an important part of Latin Women in Action’s Mission. We celebrate and promote family’s accomplishments and empowerment while at the same time, understanding the disparities between those empowered and the newly arrived who are in need of all basic services.

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