Types of petitions include:

  1. For relatives outside of the U.S
  2. For brother/sisters/children over 21 yrs. old
  3. etc...

*All case prices are subject to change. For a more accurate price on your situation, meet with us for a consultation.(Consultation fees are $20) The prices listed above are government standard prices, and not the prices that we at LWA offers. 

If you would like more information on Immigration petitions or other citizenship matters, visit here at the:  U.S department of Travel State website

Immigration/Citizenship Services we offer:

Petitions for immigration: Rates per petition may vary upon ​case/type of petition.

Translations: $33.00*

Change of Green card: $540.00*

At our office we offer a wide range of services associating with immigration and citizenship. Here is a U.S Government standard list of costs we provide: 

Citizenship: $725.00*